Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Jack for your car

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Jack
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We have been receiving a lot of requests and volume of people looking for info on the Pittsburgh Low Profile Jack, specifically one with 3 ton capability. In today’s review we will go over such offering and hope to highlight our overall thoughts. The first thing to look at usually is what do others think! We found one available for purchase on Amazon and it had a 4.5 out of 5 star rating which is a healthy metric, with another indicator that it’s a good product being labelled as an Amazon Choice product.

Pittsburgh Product Overview

As a quick overview, let’s go over the specs. This jack is made form alloy steel, and has a variable lifting range of 5 inches to 18.25 inches. Noting 5 inches for really low cars may be a challenge, unless driving up onto blocks, but a majority of cars should have no problem. One of the best things is the claimed lift it in only 3 and a 1/2 pumps which is impressive. It includes a protective foam bumper to keep your vehicle from being damaged during use. It’s listed capacity is 6000 lbs and has a pretty long handle (45.25 inches) if your have one of the new cars where the jack point is far under in the front. The product itself is just over 6 inches tall with about a 70 lb weight to it. Easy two handed carrying if needed to move it around, but definately on the heavy side. For storage its dimensions are listed to be about 27.5″ x 13.5: x 6.125″. The products UPC is listed as 792363612531.

Benefits of this Low Profile Jack

The construction! Being alloy steel and ‘heavy’ weighted, this thing should last for a long long time. It has a 3 ton capacity, which should really cover a wide range of vehicles. Lifting to 18″ also gets it high off the ground for taller vehicles or ones with more ground clearance should you need it for that to.

Why do we like it and put it on our site?

There’s a few reasons we put this on. Firstly many were asking about the Pittsburgh Low Pro Jacks, and secondly we really like a few things.

  • Heavy Duty Steel Alloy Frame (should last!)
  • Claims to elevate the supply load in only 3-1/2 pumps
  • Raises Cars up over a foot and a half


As we can see from the Amazon reviews, the majority of people purchasing this are very happy with it. The biggest complaint? Weight. Any of the reviews giving it a 4 rating instead of 5 is normally due to the weight, and not because the actual product is bad or has something they don’t like. If you have this in your garage and you use it for your seasonal tire change, moving it around quickly shouldn’t be an issue. Needing something lightweight to take to a track and this jack might not be for you. But Amazon really does mostly give positive feedback, and confidence this will be a jack that lasts in your garage for years to come!

A YouTube User has posted this video showing 4 years and being still happy with it (noting the weight!).