Beautiful steel jack getting under cars 2.75″ from the ground – the Arcan XL2T

arcan 2 Ton Extra Long Reach Low Profile Steel Floor Jack
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When looking to purchase a hydraulic jack for your garage, you may have a tough choice between cheaper price and quality, versus a lighter better material with a steeper price. Steel is normally the cheaper option, but much heaver, while aluminum is lighter and costs more as well. The problem is steel isn’t always cheaper if the inner workings are tougher and we find that in the XL2T low profile jack from Arcan. It commands a price of just over $200, making it not cheap, but still a very heavy product — it weights 97 pounds according to amazon! We look for products to critique without giving up quality, so let’s see how this jack stands up with its features.

Hydraulic Jack Overview

Steel has an inherent deal of being heavier, but this jack is promoted for its sleek design, and the fact that it has a extra-long, extra low profile. You’re sure to get under any car with this jack – 2.75 inches from the ground is all the clearance you need. This 2 Tib steel service jack looks to be long lasting and a good option for professionals using it every day, or for the guy doing some maintenance on the weekend in his garage. Arcan has really crafted a true low profile design, which in a way justifies the cost since it can get under lower cars than a lot of other jacks. You will be safe knowing this model passes the 2009 ASME PALD standard — the industry’s leading safety regulation for lifting equipment.

Features of this Product

This product is great in its range of lifting ability. You can start as low as 2.75 inches, as mentioned earlier, but it can always reach as high as 2 feet (24 inches), a very handy feature. The design is quite long with a 32″ chassis, and is made with good internals like a dual pump for rapid lifting. They have also included a universal joint release mechanism which gives it precise control.

About Arcan

Arcan is a big leader in professional tools, with a section devoted to lifting equipment. They also do shop presses, service carts, work tables and creepers. All additional equipment that can be used alongside your hydraulic jack.

Product Specs

This jack is produced by Arcan and has a very hefty weight of 97 pounds — you will not want to store this one overhead trying to get it down, just in case. The length is 32.5 inches, it has a width of 8.25 inches and height of 11.2 inches, so it’s not a particularly small footprint, but will take up some storage space.

What we Recommend

This product does not have any bad reviews. 13 reviews were rated 5 star, and only one gave it a 4 star. Nothing was underneath that — so we would definately say this is a big winner from the current purchasers. The highlight of many reviews is that it could go up to 2 feet of lifting. Quite good when you want space under the car to do work.One guy used it who’s into restoring old cars, and hot rods. The thing I liked was that 16″ of the body is low profile, so the low part actually can go quite far under the car if you need to lift it by a cross member area. The best value we’ve discovered is on Amazon, so have a look their to get more specifics. The big thing a lot of users like is if you use Amazon Prime, they will ship this thing for free (only to the states — please check amazon for up to date details on their prime program).

The UPC we have mentioned is 858957001041 for individuals performing evaluation by universal product code