Arcan Floor Jack Review – is the XL20 worth it?

Arcan 2 Ton Low Profile Steel Floor Jack XL20
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Arcan provides a large diversity in the floor jacks it produces – making both low profile and normal height jacks. Arcan has been a major supplier in producing quality shop equipment including made in USA presses and various lifting equipment. They always have the professional in mind and cater to an aftermarket crowd, which a lower profile jack works well on cars who have used lowering springs to lower their car. In this review, we will recommend one Arcan Floor Jack that has been used by customers for a while. This review is based on what we see in Amazon among its ratings, what people say in the reviews, and what we believe the features say about what this jack can lift. Keep reading to find out a favorite from Arcan in the low profile jack area.

The XL20 by Arcan is a sleek design with a durable finish. It has the low profile to fit under many low cars like factory BMW or Mercedes, and lowered aftermarket vehicles. The jack is rated for 2 tons lifting power and is great for pretty much any car — suv’s may want to look into 3 ton jacks for added safety. It provides a perfect utility to perform professional work, and most importantly for weekend warriors doing their own car maintenance, or simply changing winter tires. This jack features a true low profile design, and because of this makes it easy to get under most vehicles. The cost is quite a bit lower than comparable models, making this a favorite for diy consumers. Another important fact is that it passes the 2009 ASME PALD standard (the industry’s leading safety regulation for lifting equipment) – safety comes first when lifting your car!

Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack

While there weren’t too many reviews on Amazon, we did find users who have used this on their BMW and it worked well. BMW cars from the factory are normally one of the lower cars so this should be great for all factory cars that have a lower stance. The only negative was that it was a little bit heavy (it does weigh 67 pounds), but then that also gives peace of mind that it has been built heavy duty and will good for continual use. With a lift range of 3.5″ to 18.1″ this can fit underneath a lot of cars and lift it high enough for any DIY work. The actual part that lifts the car (the round base), is 4.%” outside to outside, so it provides a good lifting service to avoid slips.


Most jacks we will recommend are affordable for what they give and this low profile jack from Arcan is no different. On an average price of around $130, you get a high quality product that is safe and affordable. Most jacks that are made for lowered cars can run $200 and upwards due to the design.


We could recommend other products for jacking you car, but we didn’t find many that was affordable as this one that carried a 2 ton lifting capacity.

We want you to make the right choice and hope the Arcan XL20 is the right choice for your diy needs. Please let us know if you purchase this product and have your own insights to help people viewing this site.