Aluminum and 3 tons of capacity — the Nesco Tools 2203 delivers

nesco 2203 aluminum low profile jack
Sexy Blue and Silver Design
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We haven’t taken a look at any products from Nesco, but this will be our first review of anything from this company. The product from Nesco is definately not a thrift buy, and will cost you with taxes in the $300 range. Yes, quite expensive, but if you use it often enough it can pay for itself in troubles experience further down the road. This product will absolutely make you think whether or not it is actually worth the money you are ready to spend.

3 Ton Jack Features

The big promotion for this jack is that will cause less user fatigue. It does this by using a double plunger, and uses materials made from aluminum to make it lightweight. So from picking it up initially off the shelf, or rolling it to where you will do the work, you start off less tired. Then with quick lifts it just feels a delight to do your own work. This jack has a sexy silver and blue design, that looks like a racing jack — not your typical off the counter rack that you find for cheap. People will notice it’s look.

The base is made with a long frame, that is super lightweight due to the aluminum alloy construction. 3.5″ is the minimum you need to get this under you car (great for ground hugging cars).. and can get up to 19 1/4″ off the ground in height — which is good but means you won’t likely use it for hight off the ground vehicles. With just 9 pumps, this jack will get to full height, a little bit more pumps than some of the competition, but generally you don’t always need to go to full height anyways.

About Nesco

Nesco Tools really is a wide product carrier. They do all types of tools from cordless and power electric tools, all the way to paint and body. Shop supplies, where the jacks fall under, is a big part of their business as well. From the looks of their site (as of writing this), they offer about 4 different jack offerings, including even a 4 ton option for super heavy vehicles.

The conclusion we’ve come to

You will definately get excited about this product from a visual perspective — that alone will make you at least look into what it offers. It offers a lot with the ability to get under cars 3.5″ from the ground – which most factory cars I believe would fit — as even many of the porsche models I’ve look up are about 4″ from the ground, so it would just squeeze under. The 2203 Aluminum Low Profile Floor Jack from Nesco Tools provides 3 Tons of Capacity and may just find it’s next place sitting in your garage. The reviews of this product are great on Amazon. 10 reviews, and 9 of them being a full 5 star rating. One can find additional information relating to this jack on Amazon.

The only bad review was a 1 star review, indicating the jack oil went all over their wooded deck and that they had to return it. Possible manufacturing defect, or one off problem — as all other reviews love the product.