4 Tons of lifting power from the Torin AT84007R

torin big red at84007r 4 ton jack
3.5 tons of lifting power!
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While perusing various automotive forums, with a good number of users doing DIY weekend work on their cars, we have found that customers who own heavy vehicles, but from the factory are actually quite low to the ground, sometimes want a jack that is super low profile to do there work easily. Sure they can drive up on wood blocks, or lift from the sides one at a time, it just takes too long. We have found questions with regards to the Torin AT84007R 4 Ton Low Profile Service Jack, and so we have decided to present our knowledge about what exactly this particular product has to offer.


This beautifully finished red hydraulic jack by Torin features a dual pump. This is important because it helps lift objects 5 times faster than without this feature. For those using this to lift an SUV, it’s lifting height is 20 inch maximum, which is pretty good. It can get under cars as low as 4 inches off the ground — great for factory BMW or Mercedes. The load capacity can lift 8,000 pounds. The wheels are made in a patented design that gives it wide load wheels.

Why Torin Jack

Torin Jacks Inc is all about lifting equipment and shop equipment. It even produces its own full car lifts — not that weekend warriors will ever really find a need for that.. although it would be nice. Their products are typically found in their red finish.


The weight comes in at 100.8 pounds, with a length of 31.2 inches, a width of 15.8 inches and height of 7.9 inches. Model shoppers will want to know the model number is AT84007R.

Our Final Thoughts

Now to sum things up, the Torin AT84007R 4 Ton Low Profile Service Jack can be a product that will without a doubt allow you to get interested in the added beauty of doing weekend work in your garage, while not fussing with unsafe equipment — lifting 4 tons needs to be safe. For shops using this, you may want to get two, so you can have a backup or if two people need it — although shops mainly just lift it on car lifts anyways. You will find additional information in regards to this hydraulic jack on Amazon.