3 Ton Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack is an Amazon Best Seller

Arcan 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Dual Pump Pistons Reinforced Lifting Arm ALJ3T
3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack
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When looking into products, an indication of a good product is to see if it has become a best seller on one of the big online stores. Great thing we have is Amazon clearly shows which products are selling well, and great news for Arcan is the ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack is the second highest selling floor jack (when you don’t include accessories). There are hundreds of jacks available for sale on Amazon, so this product selling well infers quality, great features and affordability. However the price tag that averages in the $300+ range may not be affordable for all, but using it just a couple times instead of going to a shop will offset the cost of purchase. Let us go through some of its features and why it would be a hit with customers.

Arcan Product Overview

The ALJ3T comes with thick frame side plates and a reinforced lift arm, giving the jack added stability, durability and chassis torsion control. With it’s 3 ton capability, it is sure to be suitable for a wide range of vehicles, and it is a capable piece for lowered vehicles. It can reach under vehicles that have a low of clearance room as 3 3/4 inches — quite low unless you drive around a really slammed show car. The maximum this product will lift is 18 inches which is suitable as well for most cars — it equates to about a foot and a half of lifting room. It’s footprint is slightly larger than some other jacks as its length is 31 inches, the width is 12-1/2 inches and it takes about 7 inches in height (not 7 inches under the car though).

The ball bearing-mounted rear swivel caster wheels and wide track front wheels provide easy maneuverability and jack stability under load and a saddle pad protects the vehicle’s frame and components.

Benefits of this Jack

ThE Arcan ALJ3T jack comes with dual pump pistons, which affords it the ability for a fast rising action — quick and easy. It also includes protection to help prevent hydraulic contamination by means of piston dust shields. The cleaner you keep this, the better the jack’s longevity. It also has built in bypass and overload valves. This will prevent over-extending the hydraulic ram and jack use beyond it’s rated capacity of 3 tons.

Why we like this Product

  • Performance the professionals depend on
  • Ultra light construction is easy to carry
  • Two piece handle assembles in seconds
  • The ALJ3T raises to full extension in only 6 Strokes (without load)
  • Has a Lifting range of from the low height of 3.75” and a high height of 18”
  • The design fits under the lowest vehicles
  • Dual Piston design raises load quickly
  • Lowering of the vehicle is precisely controlled by the universal joint
  • Complies with asme PASE-2019 safety standard

A great graphic highlighting all the great features of this Jack:

Our Conclusion

There is not much negative to say from looking at this product on Amazon and through its video on their details page. Product reviews are always on the positive side, with many praising it as a great product. With a 4.6 our of 5 star rating on Amazon, we can clearly see people love this product, and so will you. Just look at the review by Steve, who has been working on cars for over 10 years. He indicates it looks even better in person, and has been used to raise his german cars and trucks weight well over 5000 lbs. He has cars that are 5 inches from the ground and this jack slides right underneath. As he says it’s perfect for “low / import / sports cars”. If your looking to make the purchase now, we recommend looking at Amazon to get the lowest price.