Car Floor Jack Brands in 2022

Oct 4, 2022

In today’s post we’re going to run through the list of brands making Floor Jacks in 2022. The order we are listing them isn’t in any preference of who we like better, just a high level overview to get to know the brands.

Arcan Floor Jacks

When looking online, and even in store you will find this brand everywhere including the highly coveted XL3000 in Costco. You can find an extensive listing of their jack & lifting products here on their official website. What we like about their offerings is the lift range being as low as 2.75″. It’s really great for any kind of lowered car to avoid driving up on pieces of wood to get a different jack underneath. They also lift pretty high in a few short pumps going up to 18-24″ high. Their green is kind of cool too, if the looks of the jack are important for you.

arcan floor jacks

Husky Brand Jacks

You’ll definitely come across this one in your research, and you can buy it online through home depot, but most importantly you can go and actually have a look at the product in store. It’s mainly built in black if you like that low key look in your garage it works. They are price fairly affordable for low pro jacks, and are available in 2 or 3 ton capacities.

HUSKY HD00120 3 Ton Low Profile Floor Jack with Speedy Lift

Daytona Low Pro Jacks

You’ll definitely come across this brand in your Reddit and google searches. Highly known to be found in Harbour Freight stores, its pretty much available all throughout America. They’ve also gone the green route much like Arcan, but in a slightly darker green tone. They look cool, are easily accessible, and do what is needed.

daytona low profile floor jack harbour freight

Pittsburgh Floor Jacks

From our looks at what they offer, they have a lot of steel jack offerings, so it’s heavy duty and will last. Might hurt your back carrying it around if you’re using it a lot, or rolling it around far, but for the diyers doing some garage work for changing tires it’s great. You can see our thoughts on one here. They typically have gone the black color route as well, but now Red color is a big thing for them.

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Low Profile Jack

Motomaster Brand

If you’re Canadian, you will come across Motomaster and it’s offerings. This is what resides in my Garage currently, because it was easy for me to get quickly when I needed a new jack, and the price was great on sale at Canadian Tire. Almost always during the big red sales at CT, you can get a good deal on these if you need a replacement or an extra. Typically they are in the black/red color front, and look decent, but mine is quite heavy. Which is ok for me, since I use it only for tire changes in the garage.

motomaster 3 ton garage jack low profile

Is there any brands we missed or you love? Let us know and we will aim to highlight them in our blog posts, or give it a try and review it.