Arcan Floor Jacks

Sep 14, 2022

One of the brands we consistently see over the years with floor jacks is Arcan. They are an American company that have been around producing various high-quality automative products with the mindset that a professional technician will use these on a consistent basis. They develop, design and produce their own stuff. If you want to have a look through their offerings of other products (they do bottle jacks, farm jacks, jack stands and more) you can go to their Lifting Tools section of their website.

Now what kind of offerings do they have for floor jacks and should you be interested? Let’s get into it.

Jack Types and Materials

Arcan offers models in both Aluminum and Steel materials. In our opinion, they both have their strengths and weaknesses on why you’d get one or the other so it’s good to see they cover all options here (if you’d like to read about Aluminum vs Steel jacks we have a post on that too). Currently on their site they have listed steel jack offerings with 2 ton capacities, and in the aluminum you can decide on getting a 2 ton or 3 ton version. We’re focused here on low profile racing jacks, so 2 ton is usually sufficient for vehicles fitting that requirement, but sometimes you like having a more beefy 3 ton in your arsenal.

One thing we like about all their offerings, is they most always have the rubber saddle and a foam handle bumper for added vehicle protection. No one wants to use something that may cause damage to their precious ride.

Lifting Heights

A big thing for users is how high can I lift my vehicle, and how low of a car will this fit under? Arcan offers a good range here with most jacks fitting in around the 3.5″ range in height for the lowest lifting range (one even starts at 2.75″ in height which is super impressive). As for max height, also a good range going from 18″ up to 24″ vs the cheaper jacks you find in store usually cap out around 14 or 15″ in height.

arcan alj3t lifting range


Style is subjective, but most jacks do come in red or black for the most part. Arcan also was the same years ago with their Arcan XL20 offering. When viewing their site now, they have changed all their jacks to a nice green color like the ALJ3T, with grey or black accents. We think it looks good and would stand out in the garage and looks more visually appealing then the standard jack.

Final Thoughts

Overall we are impressed with the offerings from Arcan in terms of Low Profile Racing Jacks. They look sleek, they lift from impressively low lifting ranges to very tall of nearly two feet in some offerings, and they have infiltrated Costco with the Arcan XL3000 offering that looks to be a solid option. So they are around as a company, and will be around for support if needed.