Where to Buy Low Profile Floor Jacks?

Sep 13, 2022

In today’s article, we’re going to go over your buying options for a floor jack. There really are two options: Online and In-store. Many people like going in to see it, but with free shipping nowadays it’s just as easy to order online. Also, some of the ultra low profile jacks aren’t carried in store and you have a more varying option that way. Let’s look at the store options and what types of Jacks they generally offer.


As of writing this article, Amazon right now returns 536 results for Floor Jack. That’s a lot of options, but of course many of those won’t be low profile and also will be scissor jacks and other types that you won’t use for your car. One of the main ones we find on Amazon are the Arcan and Torin brand jacks, but they have other ones also like Pro-Lift, Sunex, Pittsburgh and Craftsman. If you want to browse yourself, please visit the Amazon Floor Jacks link.

arcan alj3t lifting range


Not as wide of a variety at Costco, but they have a few options for people who have a membership and enjoy a more discounted product. We know the Arcan XL3000 Heavy Duty All Steel Jack is a popular one purchased there. If you want to browse yourself, please visit the Costco Floor Jacks link.

Home Depot

A bigger selection is made here getting closer to the options from Amazon. Husky brand jacks are a big brand sold at Home Depot, but you will find a number of the popular options we review on our blog including Arcan, Sunex and others. If you want to browse yourself, please visit the Home Depot Floor Jacks link.

Princess Auto

A Canadian Owned and operated company, it has a good selection as well. They carry some different brands like Mr. Blacksmith, Road Dawg, Torin and CAT. The Torin Low Pro Jacks are listed as Hot Buys at their store. If you want to browse yourself, please visit the Princess Auto Floor Jacks link.

Harbour Freight

A whopping 7 results come back for Low Profile Floor Jack on the HF website. In one way it’s good as it filters out and only show you the stuff to fit under lowered/low cars. They pretty much carry two brands which are Pittsburgh and Daytona Floor Jacks. To browse yourself, please visit the Harbour Freight Floor Jacks link.

NAPA Canada

Searching the NAPA site it has even less coming back as low profile floor jacks, with 7 results but really only 3 products. Evercraft is pretty much the main one selling here and may not be the best place to search for product. View them here.

Canadian Tire

Again for our Canadian buyers, everyone knows of Canadian Tire and is a good idea to check out. They routinely have 50% off sales, or less that can make getting a new jack an easier expense. MotoMaster and MAXIMUM brands are big at Canadian tire for the Low Profile variety. They also carry Certified brand. View the Canadian Tire Jacks here.


Not as wide selection on Brand Variety but if you like Craftsman you will find that jack here, as well as American Forge & Foundry. Prices will vary by location, but its a good option to go in store and have a look. If you want to see it online, see the Lowes Low Pro Jacks here.